28th March-29 th April






Prof. Richard Wright,
Invited Prof. @ CLILLAC-ARP for Université Paris Cité

contact : rawright@uw.edu
room 712


Prof. Wright is director of the Linguistic Phonetics Laboratory and Chair of the Department of Linguistics. His primary research interest is in understanding sources of systematic variation in the production and perception of language, and how it relates to language universals and language structure (i.e., Language), prosody, and discourse. As part of this research he is interested in describing the phonetics of endangered and under-described languages. His research contains translational components in speech technology and second language acquisition, as well as clinical applications related to hearing loss and perception under conditions of distortion.

In his teaching he incorporates readings and resources from BIPOC scholars as a means to better reflect the diversity of their respective sub-fields and to amplify the voices of scholars from underrepresented groups. He also draws on examples from underrepresented populations and genders, languages, and stigmatized dialects and sociolects to help make students aware of the vast diversity of human language.






rooms 712

Bâtiment Olympe de Gouges

8 Place Paul Ricoeur

75013 PARIS

Accès au bâtiment Olympe de Gouges






 PROGRAMME  @ Université Paris Cité    (March 27th -April 20th)



Professor Wright  will participate to 4 events at Université Paris Cité


Richard Wright will discuss the ATAROS corpus in relation at  the round table wrapping up the ALOES pre-conference workshop
on March 28th.


Professor Wright will also presenting at the ALOES conference on Saturday 30th.



TALK1 Master class on Praat session

Tuesday April 2nd

14h-16h Mardi room 265, Olympe de Gouges building (ODG), 2nd floor

Praat hands -on session (bring your own laptop)



TALK2 Linglunch Talk

ATAROS: The development and characteristics of a speech corpus of stance taking

Thusday April 4th (12h-13h)

room 533 ODG 5th floor






TALK 3 Interacting with PhD students’ presentations

Monday 22 April 22nd 15h30-17h30

Room 340 , ODG , third floor

Prof Wright will discuss current PhD projects in phonetics at Clillac-ARP with colleagues and MA students.


Alice Léger / Coline Caillol / (tba)



TALK4 April 29th  Whisper Workshop

room 139   9h -12 h30

a small workshop discussing phonetic input and audio LLM transcriptions






Contact person : nicolas.ballier AT u-paris DOT fr